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You Need Strong Advocates During Times Of Legal Turmoil

You Need Strong Advocates During Times Of Legal Turmoil

3 common causes of head, neck and back injuries in construction

If you work in construction, you know how quickly accidents and injuries can happen. One simple mistake could lead to a serious fall or a crushing injury.

There are many reasons why people hurt their heads, necks and backs in the construction industry, but there are three that are more prominent than others:

  • Falls
  • Falling objects
  • Getting caught between objects

All of these causes could lead to neck, head or back injuries.

Falls are a common cause of injury

To start with, think about falls. When someone falls, even if it’s on the same level, they have a risk of hitting their head, hitting their spine on a ledge or falling oddly and hurting their neck. It’s unfortunately common for falls to lead to neck, back and head injuries in construction, which is why it’s important to wear appropriate safety gear and fall protection equipment when possible.

Falling objects could lead to devastating head injuries

When objects fall from above, there is a risk that they could cause severe injury. As objects fall and pick up speed, they become more dangerous than they would be if they fell from a lower level. If there is a risk of items falling from above, workers should wear hardhats. Those working above need to use tethers or other methods of keeping tools and items secured.

Getting caught between objects could lead to severe injuries

Besides getting hit by flying objects or tripping and falling, it’s possible to be caught between objects and suffer injuries as a result. Getting your hair caught in a moving part or being crushed in a trench collapse could lead to serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

You deserve support if you’ve been injured while working on a construction team

Head, neck and back injuries are unfortunately relatively common in the construction industry. While these three causes are some of the most significant, there are many factors that could lead to injuries. If you’re hurt on the job, remember that you can seek workers’ compensation, so you can focus on your health and recovering from the injuries you’ve suffered.