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You Need Strong Advocates During Times Of Legal Turmoil

You Need Strong Advocates During Times Of Legal Turmoil

Health care workers can suffer a variety of workplace accidents

Those employed in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, health care industry are passionate about caring for and helping other people. From surgeons to nurses to radiology technicians, no one working in the medical field is 100% immune to the risk of an accident or injury.

Like most employees, health care workers can get workers’ compensation to help address the financial hardships that accompany their injuries. Still, most would agree it is best to avoid workplace accidents altogether. Understanding your risks of injury can help.

Common workplace accidents medical workers experience

Sometimes, health care providers find it hard to take care of their safety because they are so busy caring for others. Unfortunately, it is hard to help others effectively if you are struggling to overcome a work-related injury or illness. Knowing about the workplace accidents and injuries common to the medical industry can help you remember to be careful when performing potentially dangerous tasks. Some of the most common risk you may face include:

  • A potentially dangerous needle stick when working with patients
  • Overexertion from handling or positioning patients and equipment
  • Slips and falls on unstable flooring or wet tiles
  • Accidental exposure to infectious agents or dangerous chemicals
  • Parking lot accidents during inclement weather
  • Stairwell accidents when you must hurry to help another

Use these reminders to help you remain safe when performing your duties.

If you’re a medical professional who was injured at work

If you do suffer an injury, don’t put off filing for the workers’ compensation benefits available to you. When you are healthy and free of injury, you can continue to perform the critical job of helping others. If you need help with your workers’ comp claim, consider reaching out to a legal advocate for professional guidance as quickly as possible.