Office workers tend to be inside buildings, and therefore, not as exposed to the elements as some other workers. You might think that falls would be a minimal risk. However, falls even from the same level can potentially lead to a death on the job.

Examples of office fall scenarios include trips where are worker falls down a flight of stairs or a slip-and-fall incident in a wet foyer, both of which could result in many days of missed work and severe traumatic injuries to the worker who fault. Workers can also trip over exposed cords or slip on loose papers.

Repetitive motion injuries and sitting all day can damage the body

While office workers typically aren’t going to harm their bodies by lifting heavy objects on the job or by performing physically difficult tasks, the jobs that they do perform at their desks will likely require them to sit in the same position and use their arms and hands repetitively. Carpal tunnel, lower back injuries, neck injuries and problems with joints are all consequences of working in an office.

Violence can be a risk factor in the workplace

Office workers can become the target of disgruntled former co-workers or strangers even. Violence in the workplace is not as common as other risks, but it can certainly lead to injury or even death for office workers.

Like workers in any other field, those who work in an office who get hurt or develop an occupational illness because of their job have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs associated with their injuries.