Burns can be some of the worst injuries to suffer. Depending on the severity and location of the burns, the victims can face grueling recoveries and disfiguring scars. As with all workplace accidents, it is always preferable to avoid the occurrence than to deal with the aftermath.

To better understand whether you are at risk of being burned at work, it helps to first understand the different types of burns that you could suffer while carrying out your job duties:

  • Thermal burns: A thermal burn can come from various sources, including open flames, scalds from hot liquids, explosions and contact with hot objects.
  • Chemical burns: If your eyes or skin come into contact with caustic or corrosive materials, you can suffer deep tissue burns. Those working in labs and on manufacturing sites have higher risks of these burns than most other occupations.
  • Electrical burns: Burns from electrical mishaps are common in the construction industry. Tree trimmers, roofers and others who work off the ground in proximity to high-voltage wires or transformers also face an enhanced risk of electrical burns.

If you spend extended hours working outside in the sun without protective work clothing and sunscreen, you could also face burns from sun exposure. While most will not be nearly as serious as the aforementioned three burn types, it is important to understand that your unprotected sun exposure now could lead to a diagnosis of skin cancer later.

If you suffer a burn injury while on the job, you may be able to obtain financial compensation for your injuries, damages and other losses.