Farms can be very dangerous places to work, but we need farming to keep our country functioning. If you work on a farm, then understanding the hazards can help you to stay safe and avoid common injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, farming has an increased risk for injuries when compared to other industries.


Nonfatal injuries are quite common on farms with the most prevalent being sprains and strains. This type of injury can happen to almost any body part, but the back and legs are often the most likely areas to see them. There are plenty of bumps and bruises as well due to the general nature of the hard labor you will do on a farm.


Fatal injuries happen often and typically involve equipment. Rollover accidents on tractors are the most common, but they may also include accidents due to not operating equipment or machinery properly. Grain bins also pose a risk because a rescue of someone who has fallen into a bin is always difficult and often impossible.

Other risks

Agriculture jobs put you at risk for exposure to chemicals, such as pesticides. You also may have a higher risk of hearing loss, stress-related illnesses, musculoskeletal disorders and pulmonary disease. These may be difficult to protect yourself from, but it is essential to follow all OSHA regulations and other safety measures to keep yourself as safe as possible while on the job.

It is not uncommon for farming to be a family business. Even if it is part of your everyday life more so than a job, you still need to follow safety regulations.