Pennsylvania workers like you know that any job has its risks. But did you know that electrical accidents can happen anywhere? Did you know that electrical incidents at workplaces are somewhat common?

Today, we will look at some of the most common causes of electrical accidents. Almost any job has at least some of these potential risk factors present.

Sources of electrical danger

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration discusses electrical accidents at the workplace. Many of them have to do with electrical outlets, sockets and wires. Other incidents involve malfunctioning or wet electronics. Common incidents involve workers attempting to fix electronic devices. But they do not know what they are doing. Instead of contacting electricians, they handle these devices in a dangerous way.

Attempting to replace light bulbs is another risk. So is examining faulty outlets and wires. A worker should never assume an outlet is “dead”. Never assume a wire is not live either. Do not touch any wire without insulation. Again, professionals should handle these matters. If workers do not know proper electricity safety, they should know who to contact to handle it.

Different levels of danger from different fields

Of course, any tool that uses large amounts of electricity may pose a threat, too. Some industries deal with more of these tools or pieces of equipment than others. Construction fields are notorious for this. The higher the voltage, the higher the chance of a lethal accident occurring. But any source of electricity has the potential to cause serious or lethal damage. Any worker who spends time around electrical sources must understand this potential risk.