The employer-employee relationship carries with it responsibilities for both parties. On one side, employees should execute their job duties fully and follow all safety protocols. Employers should, at a minimum, ensure that their employees can conduct their jobs in environments free of unnecessary hazards.

Protecting the health and safety of employees may include providing proper training, keeping up with maintenance and inspection of equipment, monitoring worksites to ensure proper adherence to safety processes and more.

Former mine site of fatal accident

A recent report by indicates that a fruit picking operation in Kline Township in Schuylkill County functioned at the location of what had previously been a mining power plant. The process of decommissioning the plant was underway while some employees worked there.

In the early afternoon on a Thursday, authorities were alerted to a tragic scene after some equipment collapsed and fell an estimated 80 feet. The equipment involved included a fruit picker and a conveyor belt. One employee at the site was transported by air to a hospital for treatment. No details about his condition have yet been released. A second employee, a man of only 32 years old, lost his life in the incident.

Investigation launched

Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as safety and health experts in mining have begun the process of investigating the deadly accident. It remains unknown at this point if any violations may be issued against any parties relating to the incident or if the family member of the deceased worker may pursue any action for compensation in the matter.