When you accept a job, you know that you have the responsibility to perform your duties. At the same time, you should always be able to trust that your employer has some responsibilities to you and that you will receive certain protections. The right to receive compensation if you develop a medical condition or sustain an injury related to your employment is one thing a worker should be educated about as these situations can happen at any time.

As explained by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, nearly every single employed person in Pennsylvania is covered by the workers’ compensation program. It is through this program that you may qualify for financial compensation for lost wages or out-of-pocket medical expenses related to your work-affiliated illness or injury.

The state’s workers’ compensation system covers temporary and seasonal employees, full-time workers and part-time workers. Those who work at private businesses and nonprofit organizations are included in the program as well as people at businesses with only one employee. If you are a farm laborer, domestic helper or volunteer, however, you may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. Some federal employees or workers in specific industries like commercial fishing may be covered under programs specific to their employers or industries.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give people who work in Pennsylvania an overview of whether or not they are covered under the state’s workers’ compensation laws so they know when they may pursue a claim for benefits should they ever become ill or injured while on the job.