Two main aspects are involved as far as reporting a workplace injury is concerned. Your employer must have information about the injury before you go ahead to file a compensation claim. You are required to notify your employer within one month from the day you got injured in a workplace accident.

Nonetheless, some injuries occur over time. These often lead to temporary or permanent disability. You also need to file a report with your employer within one month of the date that you suffered a disability.

According to New York state, after notifying your employer, you must file a workers’ compensation form. This form should then get handed to your employer, who will pass it over to his or her insurer so that your benefits start getting processed. This form should get filed within 12 months of the date of injury.

However, it is advisable to file a claim as soon as possible for immediate processing of your benefits. Failure to either notify your employer or file a claim within the stipulated time may lead to the dismissal of your claim.

It is common for insurance companies to deny a workers’ compensation claim. If this happens, you should report your case to the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

To make the entire process less cumbersome, you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer who will represent you during hearings. This is particularly helpful if you sustained serious injuries. These legal experts can manipulate all avenues to ensure that the insurance company accepts your compensation claim. This will help recoup some of your medical expenses.