When Pennsylvania workers like you think of workplace injuries, it may conjure up images of dramatic, horrific incidents in which the injuries are severe, coming swiftly and without warning. But did you know that even people who spend most of their time typing can suffer from workplace injuries, too?

Plenty of workers perform repetitive motions in and out every shift, no matter what their job happens to be. This can include everyone from a cashier swiping items at checkout to a secretary spending most of the day at the computer, answering emails. Though these jobs are considered perhaps mundane to some and not as risky as other industries, you could suffer from repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) at them regardless.

Repetitive stress injuries can result in plenty of other issues as well. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can be caused or exacerbated by RSIs. If left untreated, CTS can result in permanent damage to the ligaments, muscles and nerves in the wrist. This can greatly affect your ability to use your wrist and may cause permanent altering of the sensation to the nerves there. Some find themselves dealing with a lifetime of pain. In severe cases, the only way to correct these issues is through expensive surgery that will impact your ability to work as you recover.

If you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist injury or disease due to the repetition associated with your job, you may want to visit our web page on workers’ compensation. You may discover that the situation could have been different if you were given proper breaks and adequate time to rest and heal.