If you are a worker in Pennsylvania and you have been injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you handle the situation correctly. What you do immediately after the injury can affect your case and delay you receiving the benefits you deserve.

According to Workplace Fairness, the first thing you should do after being injured on the job is to immediately let a supervisor know. You can also put the notice in writing so there is documentation of it. To avoid the statute of limitations, it is important that you address the injury as quickly as possible. If your injury requires it, you should also seek immediate medical attention.

While the requirements differ from state to state regarding which doctor you can see, federal employees can seek the advice of any qualified doctor. If you are required to see the company doctor, it is usually only for about a month. If you choose to obtain a second opinion there may be limitations on who you can see.

In some cases, the employer will not have workers’ compensation insurance. This is common with independent contractors, domestic employees and agricultural employees. If your employer claims they do not have the appropriate insurance coverage, it may be beneficial to speak to an attorney immediately. Most states have a fund that will still pay for your medical treatment and you may be able to sue your employer for negligence if they do not carry the right insurance benefits.

Those who are unsure about any part of their case or feel they are being taken advantage of may benefit from seeking the services of a qualified attorney. The attorney can help you navigate the process of application and obtaining compensation and treatment.

This is intended for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.