Welding is one of those professions in Pennsylvania that can hurt you even if you are doing everything correctly. After all, you are working with intense temperatures and flying sparks. Not to mention that you have exposure to many other toxic things that come along with doing the job. Sometimes, even despite safety measures, there is still a possibility for injury. That is why it is very important that you are aware of potential risks on the job.

According to Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, one of the top risks for welders on the job is exposure to noise and fumes. You are working with materials that when heated, which is what you will do to them, give off fumes and gas that can damage your respiratory system. Noise is also a concern because it can get excessive for welders.

Furthermore, you are constantly exposed to things flying about you. This could pose a risk in many ways. Something could fly into your ear canal, up your nose or in your eye if you do not have full protection. Plus, with all of this going on and the fumes and gasses, you also have a risk for fires or explosions.

There is also plenty of burn risks. This is a given and a natural part of the job. Any exposed skin or part of your body is at risk. It can be next to impossible to avoid such hazards. Finally, electrical shocks are another top concern. It is very easy to get a shock if you do not pay attention to what you touch as you work.

You have to stay on top of things and always be alert as you work because welding is a dangerous profession. This information is for education and is not legal advice.