Due to the nature of their jobs, there is an inherent risk of injury for construction workers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Wearing the right personal protective equipment may help protect workers from suffering serious injuries in the event of workplace accidents.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction laborers may suffer work-related injuries such as cuts and burns, as well as those resulting from falls from scaffolding or ladders or carrying heavy materials. The rate of occupational injuries and illnesses for workers in the construction industry is among the highest of all occupations.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, wearing head protection may prevent some head injuries on construction sites. Hard hats may protect workers from objects falling from overhead or accidental contact with fixed objects or electrical hazards.

When cutting, grinding, nailing or performing other tasks on the job, foreign objects may become lodged in workers’ eyes. In addition to exposure to airborne materials, construction laborers may have to work with harmful chemicals or be exposed to electrical hazards. Therefore, those who work on construction sites are advised to wear safety glasses or face shields to help protect their eyes and faces from such dangers.

OSHA also advises construction workers to wear gloves to help protect their hands. They should choose their gloves based on the job they are performing and ensure that they fit properly. Gloves that are too loose, for example, may get caught on equipment or tools, which could result in serious crushing injuries.

Wearing the right shoes when working on construction sites may help prevent laborers from suffering crushed toes and other injuries. Those who work in the construction industry should wear boots or work shoes that have safety toes, the soles of their shoes should be puncture- and slip-resistant.