For some, the possibility of experiencing a fatal accident might be an occupational hazard that they have to go through every day. Yet, not all jobs are equally dangerous. For instance, a logging worker in Pennsylvania is more at risk of having an accident than an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

Bearing that in mind, the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America were tabulated using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Out of every industry in the United States, logging workers were the most at risk of suffering a fatal injury while on the job. Following loggers were fishers, aircraft pilots and roofers. Surprisingly, trash collectors and farmers also made the list.

When looking at the reasons behind the high rate of accidents in these jobs, researchers found that about 40 percent of work-related deaths can be attributed to transportation accidents. This explains why trash collectors and farmers, especially those who transport their own goods, made it on the list. The second biggest reason for workplace mishaps was violence. This category includes attacks from robbers and aggressive dissatisfied customers.

Even though companies do everything in their power to provide employees with a safe job environment, the numbers show that millions of Americans are still in danger every time they go to work. Furthermore, the causes behind some dangers may be unexpected. Consequently, should an employee experience a workplace accident, they may reach out to a legal professional who can help them figure out their best move. Workers’ compensation insurance could cover medical expenses, some wages and more.