Anyone in Pennsylvania who spends time cooking, whether at home or a place of business, should know how to avoid some of the most common kitchen accidents. While one can generally avoid safety risks by being calm and thinking things through, more specific guidance is also helpful. Below are instructions on avoiding five types of kitchen accidents.

Finger cuts are very prominent among kitchen injuries. In fact, bagel-related injuries ranked fifth in a 2008 government study on finger cuts. The problem appears to be that many people cut bagels vertically. However, the safe way is to lay the bagel flat on the work surface, splay the fingers upward and cut the bagel horizontally with a serrated bread knife.

People can also be nicked by sharp objects while washing dishes. To prevent these types of injuries, store all sharp objects point downward in the dishwasher utensil bins. This includes kitchen shears, steak knives and metal skewers. Cuts from slippery or wobbly cutting boards can be avoided by anchoring the board with a damp paper towel underneath it.

Slip and fall accidents are frequent in kitchens as well, especially when spills are not cleaned up right away. Lastly, the natural oil in chili peppers can burn people’s fingers. However, this can be counteracted with a coating of vegetable oil beforehand.

Restaurant workers and other kitchen workers who are injured may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. So long as the victim can prove that the injuries are work-related, they can file. However, it is often a good idea to get legal assistance before filing.