According to the 2018 Safety Performance Report issued by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Pennsylvania construction sites that use the organization’s Safety Performance Evaluation Process (STEP) could see a drastic improvement workplace safety. The report states that job site safety can be enhanced by up to 670 percent more than the average for the industry. Enacting the proactive measures may also lower reportable safety incidents by up to 85 percent.

Leading indicators, or proactive safety measures, like orientations for new hires and substance abuse programs, create safer work environments. Additional leading indicators of the STEP program include toolbox talks, the creation of site safety committees, orientations that are tailored to a specific site and the analysis of near-hits and near-misses. The report also noted that the inclusion of C-Suite engagement was necessary to have an effective safety program. This could lower the total recordable incident rate by up to 70 percent.

With the STEP process, contractors can assess their safety programs by examining 20 important components. They can also use the process to compare their safety records with those of the other companies in the industry, evaluate their improvement, show their dedication to safety and pick up the best practices that can lower DART (days away, restricted or transferred) rates.

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