An increasing number of women in Pennsylvania are choosing to work within the construction industry. Women who work in construction jobs have safety issues that are unique to them.

In order to help to identify safety hazards and to reduce the risk of injury for women workers in construction jobs, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has renewed its alliance with the National Association of Women in Construction. The NAWIC was founded in 1955 and offers educational opportunities to women who work in the construction industry.

Through the alliance, the OSHA and NAWIC will work to help to reduce hazards for women in the areas of personal protective equipment that works for them, reduce in the incidence of workplace violence and intimidation, and address the different sanitation needs that women have. They may also work to offer training programs so that employers might minimize the unique risks that women face when they are working in construction jobs.

OSHA and NAWIC are focused on minimizing the hazards that women face at their jobs. When women are injured while they are working, they might file claims for workers’ compensation benefits with their employers’ insurance carriers. The injured workers may want to talk to experienced workers’ compensation lawyers about their cases. The attorneys may help their clients apply for all of the benefits for which they might be eligible. These benefits may help employees to recover medical costs, pay for rehabilitation expenses or replace a percentage of their incomes if they are left with disabilities from their workplace accidents. Employers and insurance carriers sometimes try to deny workers’ compensation claims. If that happens, the lawyers may be able to litigate the matters on their clients’ behalf through hearings before the administrative hearing officers who will decide the cases.