Loading docks and warehouses across Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S. see their fair share of accidents, many of which lead to serious injuries which can be fatal. They can additionally slow down productivity and increase insurance rates. Some of the most common accidents are caused by blind spots, where forklifts collide with workers who are on foot.

While forklifts may, as a safety precaution, beep loudly when they are in reverse, the sound is liable to be muffled in a noisy work environment. Even more crucially, the forklift operators may look the other way, become distracted by the noise, or become confused by inadequate mirrors. For these reasons, experts believe that one of the most effective, most economical ways to prevent accidents is to install custom convex mirrors.

Business owners should take into account factors like traffic flow and the types of vehicles used in the space. Mirrors should be made from shatter-resistant acrylic and polycarbonate materials and able to stand up to severe weather conditions, if applicable. Safety markings should be present for greater visibility. The angle of visibility should be based on the number of intersections: for example, a T-intersection will require a 180-degree mirror. Flat mirrors could also allow employees to inspect under vehicles and heavy equipment.

If insufficient safety measures contribute to a workplace accident, the victim will be able to file for workers’ compensation benefits. The victim need not prove that the accident was caused by someone’s negligence; however, there is a cap on how much a workers’ compensation claim can bring in. The victim may want to consult with a lawyer about whether there are any alternatives if, for example, the accident was caused by the employer’s reckless disregard for safety.