Pennsylvania residents may have seen news reports that Tesla workers are passing out on the factory floor. According to the report, there have been more than 100 calls for ambulances since 2014 related to nausea, fainting and other work-related issues. It is thought that these problems are caused by an ambitious production schedule that is causing stress and exhaustion for employees.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged that workers put in long hours doing tough work. However, he also said that the factory’s health record had improved in the past year and that the company cared deeply about the health of its workers. In a blog post, the company said that it encouraged workers to raise safety concerns and come up with ideas to make the workplace safer. In an attempt to improve working conditions, some factory employees have tried to form a union.

As a general rule, employers have an obligation to keep their employees safe while on the job. However, if an accident does occur that leads to a worker getting sick or hurt, that person may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits may be available even if the accident was caused by the person who got hurt. Depending on the scope of an injury, benefits may be offered on either a temporary or permanent basis.

If a claim is successful, a worker is entitled to payment of medical bills related to the injury suffered at work. An injured worker may also be entitled to a portion of his or her salary while out of work. If a claim is denied or partially approved, a worker may be able to appeal that decision either on his or her own or with the help of an attorney.