When Pennsylvania workers need to reach something in a high location, their first inclination is to grab a ladder and do what they need to. However, it’s important that people take a few basic safety steps before climbing on a ladder to prevent a fall .

Before stepping on a ladder, people should be sure that it’s the right one for the job and that it is in good condition.Ladders should reach about 3 feet from where the object is, and a ladder should also be able to hold the user’s weight without trouble. If a ladder is too short, the user may end up stretching and falling when trying to reach something.

Ladders also need to be sturdy and stable. Individuals should do a quick visual inspection of a ladder before using it to ensure that it doesn’t have any missing bolts or brackets and that the steps aren’t cracked or otherwise damaged. If workers start to step on the ladder and it doesn’t feel completely stable, they should look for another one.

Workplace injuries can occur in just about any environment, including offices and places that are considered to be essentially free of hazards. Trips and falls can take place nearly anywhere. When people are injured on the job, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include reimbursement of medical expenses and in some cases a percentage of wages that were lost due to an inability to return to work while recovering. An attorney can often be of assistance with the preparation and submission of the required claim documentation.