Business owners in Pennsylvania and around the country need to make sure that their business premises are safe for visitors. This includes contractors who may be hired to complete remodeling, maintenance or other tasks around the facility. One of the best ways to ensure that visitors remain safe is to keep all work areas clean and neat. This reduces the odds of someone slipping or tripping over an object.

Built-in ladders should be made available that are sturdy and safe to climb on. Roof-access ladders may be necessary for contractors or others who need to work on that part of a warehouse. Prior to beginning a job, contractors or other site visitors should have a safety tour. While this may be time consuming, it is important in keeping everyone safe in the long run. Part of the tour should include pointing out fire exits and where everyone should meet in case of a fire.

Finally, it is critical that a business owner adhere to relevant health and safety regulations. Health inspectors may be overly critical of a premises, but this is to ensure the welfare of the people who work there. Failing to follow regulations could result in fines as well as an increased risk of injury to those working in the warehouse.

Injured workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits may cover medical expenses as well as give them a portion of their salary while out of work. Most companies are required to provide such insurance for their employees through a third-party provider. An attorney may be able to help those who may have had a claim denied or feel as if they are entitled to additional benefits. Legal counsel may also answer any questions an injured worker may have.