Pennsylvania residents who work in nursing homes, on construction sites or in hospitals may have been more likely to suffer an illness or injury on the job in 2015 than workers in other professions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there was a slight drop in nonfatal illnesses and injuries from the previous year, among hospital and construction workers, one out of every 12 was injured in the workplace. For nursing home employees, the number was one out of every eight.

Employees who worked for local governments were even more likely to be injured with 5.1 injuries per 100 workers. However, according to the BLS, this could be due to the nature of the jobs since local governments may employ people who have a higher injury rate such as first responders.

It is believed that there is some underreporting and that long-term diseases, such as black lung disease, may not be included in these figures. Furthermore, states with a dominant industry that has low injury rates might then have overall lower injury rates as a result.

A person who is injured in a work-related accident or who becomes ill due to conditions at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation to cover medical expenses and other costs. Employees may be unaware of their rights, and in some cases, their employers might try to prevent them from filing a claim. Employers are not permitted to intimidate or retaliate against employees for filing for workers’ compensation. Injured or sick workers might want to consult an attorney about their situation.