All Pennsylvania workers face certain risks depending on the industry that they work in. However, there are jobs that are more dangerous than others. On May 13, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released an updated report on the most dangerous civilian jobs in the United States in 2014.

According to the updated Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries, workers who were employed in the logging industry were the most likely to suffer fatal injuries. In 2014, there were a total of 78 logging deaths which equated to about 111 fatal workplace injuries per 100,000 loggers. Part of the reason logging may be so dangerous is because workers are often required to work in rural areas and do not always have access to emergency rooms if an accident occurs. The fishing industry came in as the second most dangerous job on a per capital basis due to similar reasons. Approximately 81 workers per 100,000 people suffered fatal injuries. There were 22 reported deaths.

The remaining three most dangerous jobs in 2014 included aircraft pilots and aviation engineers, roofers and waste material collectors. Between these three industries, there were a total of 192 deaths. Farming came in at number six. Although 270 workers died, there were only 26.7 fatal injuries per 100,000 people.

Fatal workplace injuries can cause a great deal of financial harm to the surviving family members in addition to significant grief. They have in many cases lost a significant source of contributions to household expenses. An attorney can help them to determine if they are eligible to receive workers’ compensation death benefits under the decedent’s employer’s insurance coverage.