Many Pennsylvania workers perform tasks that could put their health at risk. Although a lot of jobs seem harmless, workplace injuries can happen in almost any career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 3 million work injuries occur every year around the country. However, there are measures that employers and employees alike can take to prevent them.

Falling or swinging equipment or objects cause a range of injuries, from bruises to brain trauma. These injuries are preventable if workers properly secure equipment and objects to scaffolding or shelving. If they work in construction, they should also wear hard hats. Falls from heights are a particularly common cause of workplace injuries such as fractures, head trauma and spinal cord damage. Workers can avoid falling by checking stairwells for appropriate handrails and lighting, properly maintaining equipment and using safety harnesses.

In jobs that require workers to operate heavy machinery, accidents in which an object compresses or traps workers often cause fractures, internal injuries and spinal cord damage. Machine operators can prevent these accidents by using extra safety caution, while other employees should remain visible to the operators.

Similarly, roadway accidents may involve vehicles hitting workers while they are pedestrians or company drivers. Workers can avoid these accidents by driving with proper training, paying attention at all times when they are around vehicles and wearing seat belts. Repetitive motion and overexertion are other common causes of workplace injuries. Employees can avoid problems by using ergonomics and taking breaks frequently. They can prevent overexertion injuries by asking for help, using the correct lifting techniques and stopping when they feel sore or lower abdominal pain.

Workers who suffer job-related injuries could qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If their claim is denied, they may file formal disputes with the Office of Adjudication. Claimants may want to have the assistance of an attorney in so doing.