Each year, a number of Pennsylvanians are seriously injured because of exposure to toxic substances at work. Some of these injuries are a result of inhaling the toxic substances while around them, pointing to a need for workers to have access to good respiratory protection equipment.

Employers need to make certain that they have respiratory equipment available for all workers who work near toxic substances. To make certain employees use the protection provided to them, the employers should make certain to buy protection that is flexible and not too heavy. It is also important that employers make certain that the provided equipment is regularly inspected, repaired and maintained to keep it in good working order.

Safety professionals at a company should make certain that they are aware of all of the possible hazards a substance may pose. They should then make certain that the type of equipment that has been selected provides good protection for the workers. The company should have a strong safety policy in place and conduct regular training regarding the importance of wearing the respiratory protection equipment at all times.

Workplace exposure accidents can be devasting to the injured workers, resulting in potentially life-altering disabilities. Accident victims may want to get help from a workers’ compensation attorney with filing their claim for benefits. Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage in order to protect people who might be injured while working. Sometimes, however, an employer or its carrier will try to deny or dispute a filed claim. If that happens, an attorney may then make certain to gather all of the medical documentation and other evidence needed to show that the injury resulted from the work environment.