The winter months are a time of excitement and family gatherings for many Pennsylvania residents, but those who work outside in freezing temperatures or struggle to cope with holiday crowds may see things differently. The plunging temperatures of winter pose a serious threat of frostbite or hypothermia for workers exposed to the elements, and employers should ensure that they are properly protected from the cold before allowing them to venture outside. Outside workers should also be reminded that eating and drinking regularly can prevent dehydration and provide them with the energy necessary to help them cope with icy conditions.

The holiday season can be chaotically busy for many warehouse and retail businesses, and dealing with heavy foot traffic and bulging pallets can make life difficult for those responsible for keeping workplaces safe. Traffic patterns can be reviewed to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and aisles should be regularly cleared of obstructions.

Slips and falls are very common causes of workplace injuries, and icy conditions make this type of mishap even more likely. The risks can be reduced by cleaning up any spilled liquids quickly and placing warning signs to alert others of the danger. Aisles and walkways that receive heavy foot traffic should be treated with grit or sand to make slips less likely, and workers in these areas should be provided with or encouraged to wear shoes with good grip.

The benefits paid by the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation program can help those injured on the job to make ends meet, but the claims process may sometimes be confusing. An attorney who has experience with these cases could explain the various benefits available and the kind of medical documentation that will be required to support a claim.