Pennsylvania warehouses can be dangerous places to work. That is why it is so important for owners of these types of facilities need to take precautions to cut down on on-the-job injuries and to make employee safety a top priority for their business. Employers who don’t think safety is important could get hit with expensive lawsuits from injured workers; they also might find their public image tarnished. Additionally, businesses that ignore worker safety may be subject to stiff fines from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Workplace safety needs to be stressed throughout a company’s warehouse and distribution facilities. Forklift-related accidents are especially serious, with about 100 workers being killed and 20,000 seriously injured annually in this type of accident. Slips, trips and falls also are responsible for workplace injuries in warehouses. Even simple injuries can end up costing a business thousands of dollars.

Small business owners can safeguard their workers by doing a few things. One is to use appropriate warning signs when employees must work around equipment or hazardous materials. They also should make sure their workers have adequate training in operating equipment, such as forklifts.

Workers can also take ownership of their employers’ safety programs. They should exercise caution at all times and make sure they understand safety rules and regulations. Still, accidents will happen, and employees who are injured on the job may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include medical expenses as well as a percentage of any wages that are lost during the recovery period. Many injured workers obtain the assistance of an attorney to ensure that the claim is complete and filed within the required time period.