As both employees and business owners in Pennsylvania should be aware, toxic exposure in the workplace is a serious health concern for all involved. Hazardous workplace toxins can enter into the bodies of workers and cause them great harm, through methods ranging from respiration to skin absorption, and it is necessary for everyone to work together to handle dangerous chemicals safely and guard the health of all people concerned.

Although the majority of research and attention has been concentrated on hazardous chemicals that can be inhaled, authorities estimate that as many as 13 million Americans work in a job where they are exposed to toxins that may be dangerous to their skin. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has stated that there are no nationally standardized methods for determining risk of exposure and accurately assessing the harm that has already been done.

This is in spite of the fact that skin disorders are the occupational disease that employees are second most likely to encounter. They may cause conditions that range from contact dermatitis to skin cancer. Contact dermatitis alone is responsible for more than $1 billion in annual medical costs alone.

Business owners as well as their employees have a responsibility to do their part to prevent workplace injuries or illnesses, but there are times that despite all precautions accidents are unavoidable. Those who are injured on the job may find it advisable to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits that could include the provision of required medical care as well as a replacement of a percentage of the wages that were lost while the injured worker was recovering.