As the workforce in Pennsylvania continues to become more diverse, it is important to adjust employee protective gear to fit workers of all physical variations and genders. Safety eyewear is one of the hardest types of personal protection to customize due to the wide variation in facial features between people. Two workers of roughly the same physical size may need vastly different styles of safety eyewear.

Safety eyewear that does not fit properly can expose the employee to unnecessary danger. Wearing poorly fitted safety gear could lead to a false sense of security and may even cause the employee to take additional risks. Gaps between the face and the edge of the safety goggles can allow debris to slip through and injure the eye. Eyewear that continually slips out of position can be so uncomfortable and distracting that the employee removes the gear completely.

The best way to ensure safety and performance is to customize eyewear fit on an individual basis. Each employee should be given an opportunity to try different sizes and designs of eyewear and customize areas such as the bridge, temples and earpieces. Ventilated goggles are also available to prevent fogging up when the employee’s temperature rises.

Companies may find that it is worth investing the money into improving their safety eyewear; OSHA’s research indicates that employers also realize a productivity increase of four to six dollars per dollar spent on improved safety gear. Injured workers who have resulting expenses could benefit from filing workers’ compensation as soon as possible. Should complications during the filing process arise, a lawyer might be able to help.