On Sept. 18, a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation truck rolled over, injuring three workers in the truck. Before the crash, the three workers had been painting a line on the edge of a rural road northwest of Pittsburgh. The accident occurred around 1:15 p.m. and resulted in all three of the employees being treated at the hospital for their workplace injuries.

Following the accident, the driver of the line-painting truck explained to Brighton Township police that the truck had fallen over an embankment when the edge of the road gave way. However, investigators are still unsure whether the road indeed gave way or if the truck was driven too near to the road’s edge.

As a result of the crash, the worker who was responsible for operating the painting device on the truck had to be transported by air to a hospital in Pittsburgh. In addition to suffering from injuries, that worker was covered in paint during the accident. The other two injured workers were taken to an area hospital and then released.

Individuals who have suffered from injuries in a similar workplace accident may file for workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical expenses during their recovery. A lawyer might advise an injured worker about any third-party claims that they may be entitled to file against liable parties. In some cases, third-party claims against a liable property owner or equipment manufacturer may allow injured workers to seek additional compensation that they may wish to recover after an accident.

Source: WKBN, “3 hurt in PennDOT line-painting truck rollover“, September 19, 2014