A 32-year-old worker from Everett, Pennsylvania died while working on the installation of sewer system. The sewer-system was said to be the first ever for a southwestern Pennsylvania borough.

The worker reportedly died at the scene of the accident after being struck by a concrete manhole form. The deceased individual was apparently working for a contracting firm at the time of the accident. The concrete manhole form must have been of a significant size. According to Pennsylvania troopers, co-workers had attempted to save the worker by using a crane to lift the concrete. Workers then performed CPR before the arrival of the paramedics.

Though the accident occurred at approximately 2:10 in the afternoon, the worker was not formally pronounced dead until around 90 minutes later. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration also had participated in investigating this workplace accident.

Construction workers often perform work-related tasks that are strenuous in nature and can involve significant risk. Employers owe a duty to them to provide safe working conditions, equipment that operates properly, and procedures that are in place that will prevent workers from being injured by others.

A significant portion of workplace injuries and fatalities occur at construction sites. And while we will have not yet heard a determination as to the cause of this accident, many similar accidents occur when particular safety procedures are not in place.  Anytime workers are involved in potentially risky tasks, the place of business should make sure that all risks are minimized as much as possible.


Source: NBC 10, “Worker Killed in Sewer Accident,” May 6, 2014