A 32-year-old construction worker was killed in Pennsylvania on May 5. Apparently a large concrete form being prepared by workers became dislodged and ended up pinning the deceased worker. Co-workers were able to free the worker, but efforts to save his life were unsuccessful.

Pennsylvania State Police have investigated this matter. It was also reported that an autopsy would be conducted to determine the exact manner of death.

When fatal accidents occur upon the job, there are certain requirements to be met before workers’ compensation benefits can be provided to family members. The process can be complex and it is therefore good to have available an experienced workers’ compensation and employment injury lawyer to represent them.

It’s difficult to know with so little information whether safety procedures in place were adequate or that additional precautions could have prevented this accident from occurring. Construction workers are often performing tasks that many of us are unable to unwilling to perform and it should surprise no one that a significant number of accidents do occur on construction sites. It’s especially important that construction workers be protected and their loved ones looked after in the event of a workplace incident like this one. Without holding employers accountable for what has occurred, there is a great chance that such accidents will occur again and again.

We owe these workers a duty to keep them safe through providing equipment that operates properly, by putting in place safety protocol that will prevent accidents from occurring, and by properly compensating these workers and family members if an accident does occur.

Source: WTAJ News, “Worker Killed at Construction Site,” May 5, 2014