A 55-year old electrician was recently killed at the Red Lion Municipal Authority’s water plant. An electrical gear box apparently fell down at 10:58 a.m. on Jan. 20. The box weighed more than two tons and was not said to be connected to any electrical source at the time of the accident.

The facility is reportedly undergoing an expansion project. The electrician was in the process of installing the electrical switch gear box at the time that it fell upon him.

Windsor-area firefighters and Red Lion Ambulance personnel assisted concerning this incident. Regional officers were originally called to the facility as a cardiac arrest matter. However, they learned that it was instead an industrial accident when they arrived upon the scene.

According to the coroner’s office, the electrician was pronounced dead a little over an hour after the accident occurred. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials were also in the process of investigating this matter at the time this incident was reported in the newspapers.

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Unfortunately, workplace accidents are all too common. Claims made against employers and insurance companies can provide an incentive for companies to implement more safety procedures to make certain that accidents like the one mentioned above do not happen again.

Source: York Dispatch, “Police release name of worker killed at Red Lion’s water plant,” Liz Evans Scolforo, Jan. 20, 2014