Were You Injured In A Warehouse Accident?

Although precautions are often taken to prevent warehouse accidents, mistakes can and will happen. If these mistakes result in injury, an individual may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. If you or a loved one is a manufacturing or warehouse employee who has been injured on the job, an experienced lawyer can help you get the benefits and medical bill payments you deserve.

At the Law Office of Richard F. Maffett, we represent employees who have been injured on the job in a wide range of scenarios, including forklift accidents and repetitive stress injuries. We will work diligently to ensure your rights are protected and advocate on your behalf for wage benefits and payment of your medical bills.

If you are an immigrant to this country and do not understand or speak English well, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation provides interpreters for the hearing at no cost to you. Our firm will help obtain any necessary interpreter and can assist with other barriers or misunderstanding caused by language or cultural differences.

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Injuries Aren't Always Caused By Accidents

In addition to one-time accidents, workplace injuries can also be caused by repetitive stress, such as lifting heavy objects, that wears your body over time. The most common is back injuries, but repetitive work also can result in injuries to hips, shoulders, wrists and other parts of the body.

Since these are not distinct injuries, more complex workers' compensation claims may result, requiring knowledgeable legal representation. Attorney Richard Maffett has more than 30 years of experience, and uses that knowledge to build strong cases on behalf of his clients. He will skillfully guide you through the workers' compensation process, helping to obtain proper medical evidence to establish your injuries as work related.

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